About us  

Dhemel was founded in Genova, where the company is located, and  is specialised in production and packaging of dehydrated preparations for instant drinks, tea, milk shakes, granitas, fruit juices, sorbettos, and delicious hot chocolates
Our proposal is addressed to bars, hotels, bathing establishments and roasting companies and wholesalers. 
We’re also experienced in personalised brand packaging, mostly in the hot chocolate sector. This is an exclusive service to roasting companies and wholesalers. 

We’ve been focused on the quality of our products from the very beginning. To guarantee the high standard of our products we preferred growing up prudently than following the great amount of  actual chances to enlarge our market. We prepare our products showing attention in selecting raw materials and joining  technological controls with handicraft care. 

All our products are equipped with suitable advertising supports. Drink straws, glasses, cups are gifted according to the orders. Depending on seasonal sale promotions, we equip our goods with tools such as granita mixer machines,  refrigerators, mixers, hot chocolate dispensing machines.

To obtain further details, please contact us by means of the info request form or directly at the following address:

DHEMEL s.r.l.
Via delle Fabbriche 37
16158 Genova – Voltri
Tel. +39 010 6136590
Fax +39 010 6122072
Email: info@dhemel.it

DHEMEL s.r.l. Via delle Fabbriche 37, 16158 Genova-Voltri - Tel.+39 010 6136590 Fax.+39 010 6122072 Email: info@dhemel.it