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Dhemel Ciock is made from the best pure cocoa and has to be simply added to milk to produce a  ready-to-taste dense hot chocolate in cup (barbagliata).
Our chocolate is the really special result of tradition and modernity: an energetic drink flavoured of ancient experiences. 
The safety of our product is assured by the employment of modern and technologically-advanced machines in aseptic rooms.  We’ve gained a deep experience in selecting cocoa powder with the right features to guarantee the pure quality which makes Dhemel Ciock famous in Italy and abroad.


Dhemel Ciock line offers three types of  products excellent for preparing:
  • a cup of classical chocolate
  • a cup of white chocolate
  • a cup of gianduia cream
Gianduia cream is a delicatessen  derived from the ancient tradition of North-West Italians regions.

Thanks to a long experience and to a well-balanced mix of raw materials, the gianduia cream presents a pleasant light alcoholic flavour which remind the unforgettable taste of a babà al rhum drowned in gianduia chocolate.

6 box cartons
1.5 kg tins
12 tin cartons

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